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Ways on How to Improve Your Social Recruiting with the Appropriate Applicant Tracking System

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During the past decades, the thought of using the social media for anything besides posting videos of a cat seemed so ridiculous. Today, however, social media has totally become one of the best platforms for recruiting and sourcing top talent. As a matter of fact, social recruiting may have seemed like a craze when it first knocked the scene however, professionals have agreed that it will resume to play the main role in hiring top talent at least into the year 2020. In order to remain competitive in your field, you not just need to harness the ability of social recruiting but also, you need to perform with a much better result compared to your usual competition. With that being said, an Applicant Tracking System or commonly known as ATS can definitely help.

Understanding Your Applicant Tracking System

As the name suggests, an ATS is basically a software designed to look for job applicants all throughout your company’s hiring process. Having said that, from the moment the job candidate applies to their last interview, your ATS is also monitoring each move they take in their journey of recruiting. As opposed to the famous belief, the ATS can do more than just collecting resumes. These past several days, effective ATSs can actually do almost everything from facilitating cross-team collaboration to managing talent pools using custom workflows during all phases of the recruitment procedure. Aside from that, the ATS can be combined into your strategy on social recruiting in order to streamline your efforts.

While it is possible to create a strategy on social recruiting without using the ATS, you would be missing out on some very awesome benefits once you did that. The following are some of the few ways an ATS deployment might increase your social recruiting strategy:

Track Applicant Sources More Effectively

Social recruiting can ideally make an applicant tracking system a bit messy. When you are launching concurrent campaigns across an array of social media platforms, you may find it very complicated to discern which job applicants are actually coming from where. The source of hire data, however, is crucial. You have to know first which channels are basically returning qualified candidates as well as worth the investment. The ATS can actually track where your candidates were sourced from, giving the hard numbers you require to understand what really works and what does not. This can aid you save money and time, while providing you with proof that your efforts in social recruiting are all delivering positive results, as well.

Automate Your Workflows

If you implement the strategy in social recruiting which works, you need to see the increase in the number of candidates you acquire for every job. If you do not have the way to qualify and capture automatically these candidates, then your group will be slowed down by the abrupt influx of applicants. At this point, your strategy in social recruiting becomes more of a problem than a help. For more details, contact sales recruiters Utah.

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